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Ali Bakhareba, Market Research and Retail Enthusiast

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Bachelors of Business Administration Masters in Int'l Business Management


English Arabic Urdu Hindi

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  • A total of more than 10 years experience in Consumer Insights, Business Development, Key Account management and Client Servicing roles.
  • Worked with the Consumer Electronics, FMCG, Automotive, Optics, e-Commerce, Banking, Education, Tourism and Government sectors.
  • Strong communication, analytical and presentation skills.
  • Western educated and fluent in English, Arabic, Urdu and Hindi.
  • Detail oriented with outstanding communication, analytical and presentation skills.
  • Managed and serviced 60+ retailer accounts.
  • At GfK, managed and serviced 60+ retailer accounts of the Consumer Electronics, Household Appliances, Automotive and Optics industry which includes Modern Trade & e-Commerce channels. Provided insights to clients through product optimization which generated higher revenues.
  • At Kantar, providing market and consumer research insights to FMCG, Banking, Education, Tourism and Government sectors through various market research solutions. Successfully won, executed and delivered 4 new client projects within 6 months.


Name Ali Bakhareba
Language English, Arabic, Urdu, Hindi
Production Year April 1985
Country of Production India
Work Experience 1 Account Manager at Kantar
Work Experience 2 Sr Retail Executive at GfK
Work Experience 3 Business Development Manager at Kingdom Excel
Work Experience 4 Customer Care Advisor at Marks & Spencer
Name Ali Bakhareba
Language English, Arabic, Urdu, Hindi
Production Year April 1985
Country of Production India
Dimensions 176 cms
Undergraduate Education Bachelors in Business Administration, ICFAI University, India
Postgraduate Education Masters in International Business Management, Kingston University, UK
Work Experience 1 Account Manager at Kantar
Work Experience 2 Sr Retail Executive at GfK
Work Experience 3 Business Development Manager at Kingdom Excel
Work Experience 4 Customer Care Advisor at Marks & Spencer
Work Experience 5 Sales and Marketing Promoter and Field Supervisor at AMP
Skill 1 Business Development
Skill 2 Project Management
Skill 3 Data Analysis
Skill 4 Presentation
Skill 5 Communication
Skill 6 Emotional Intelligence
Based on 17 reviews
4 3
  • Client centric
  • Energetic
  • Detail oriented
  • Analytical mindset
  • Mutli-tasker
  • Problem solver
  • Easy-going
  • Friendly
  • Team player

Nadim Shaikh 08-12-2019

Regional Retail Director - META at GfK

“Ali is a person who seeks perfection. He has reported to me for the past 5 years managing the Retail department in Saudi Arabia and his relationship with our clients was the best to create a benchmark and is hard to fill.
Ali is known in the market research industry for his interpersonal skills, client management and the ability to articulate consumer and market insights to clients. He is fluent in English, Arabic, Urdu and Hindi which is quite rare.
Being a thoughtful leader, he has managed his team well during his tenure at GfK. We have worked together on multiple projects together in Saudi Arabia which were executed to perfection. Ali has a lot to offer and learn from wherein he has always supported his colleagues in the META region. He has my highest recommendation and will be an asset to any organisation. If given a chance, I would gladly recruit Ali back.”


Ibrahim Albakri11-07-2019

Regional Managing Director – META at GfK

“There are few people who can keep standing regardless how circumstances change. Ali is one of them!

Ali is firm, confident and charismatic who knows his subject and knows how to get things done efficiently. He is not a yes person, he takes his time to go through things thoroughly and come back with clear cut recommendation.
Ali is reliable and available all times, I recommend Ali to any organization needs army force located in one man.”


Mounia Markhouss11-01-2020

Retail Solutions - Morocco at GfK

“Ali is a rare talent shaped to give you a perfect manager. The languages he speaks, his analytical skills, professionalism and enormous heart make him one of the best people I've ever had the opportunity to work with. I always feel honored that, at a moment of my journey in GfK, Ali was part of the retail team I belong to. Ali is the kind of people you need in your company if you want to grow properly and bring kindness to your life.”


Tariq Elkahlaoui29-08-2019

Operations Manager – Morocco & GSC Business Partner – META at GfK

“I worked with Ali 7 months in GfK KSA office, the least I can say is that beyond being a competent professional person, He is humble, kind and got a generous heart. Always willing to help, give advises and invest time and energy on problem solving. I highly recommend you to be close to Ali, to work with him or get him into your team.”


Kshama Ballal 07-07-2019

Sr Client Manager, Small Domestic Appliances - META at GfK

“Ali has been a wonderful co-worker to work with, with his pro-active approach and commitment to get things done. He is extremely sensitive towards tricky / major issues and is always on top of it to get things done. His dedication to his role is commendable and his actions speak with the retail panel showing significant progress over the years. You’re truly a valuable resource to our organization.”


Hyun-Ki (Chris) Moon 02-07-2019

Client Solutions Director – META at GfK

“Ali Bakhareba and I worked together on the multiple tasks, I always appreciated for his dedication, and professionalism on every task given. I wish Ali the all best in whatever Ali wishes to pursue.”


Zeeshan Rathore 27-04-2018

Retail Executive - KSA at GfK

“A very thorough professional with an eye for detail. Ali has contributed immensely in building a successful retail panel in Saudi Arabia. He has/is working closely with top retailers and is a curious learner. We worked together on various initiatives and I always found Ali to be a creative thinker. His willingness to drive an extra mile for business interest is among his strongest trait. I wish him all the best whilst strongly recommending him!”


Amr Moustafa 05-07-2019

Communication Marketing Manager at Extra (United Electronics Co.)

“I’m very pleased to recommend Ali Bakhareba for a senior position in market research field. As a communication marketing manager at eXtra, I’ve worked with Ali for the past five years. Not only has he been a key player in our partnership with GfK, but he’s also become a close friend. Ali’s skills and leadership qualities would make him an invaluable addition to any team.

While Ali has found success in his relationship with eXtra, helping us to understand the electronics market and giving the right recommendations and forecast which helped us a lot in building our short/long term strategies. Our company has been benefited a lot from his contribution to our success as a business partner.

Ali can plan, create, and market all market research information and present them in a professional way. He is an excellent researcher and presenter with a facility for translating technical information into engaging content. he has used his knowledge of the retail industry to popularize GfK work and to present its platform for retailers and manufacturers with educational materials, data, workshops, and presentations. He has his finger on the pulse of technological trends and provides content that’s both useful and captivating to us as a retailer.

In addition to his professional qualifications, Ali has personal qualities that make him well-suited to leadership. He’s naturally fallen into the role of “point person” that many of us go to with questions. He’s not afraid to take risks and often suggests new directions to explore. He’s committed to quality, growth, and progress, and he inspires her team members to strive for the same. In short, Ali is a person with vision.

On a personal note, Ali has become a close friend over our years of working together. Ali’s fun and friendly personality are just icing on the cake of his many other qualifications.

Ali has my highest recommendation. I’m excited to see the directions in which his new company will grow under Ali’s leadership.”


Esam Al-Hasan 27-06-2019

VP Marketing at Jarir Bookstore

“I have worked with Ali over the past few years and I've always been impressed by his proficiency, attitude and work ethics. Being a detailed-oriented professional with a great understanding of the industry have always helped him standout among his peers. As a client, Ali has always strived to make any business engagement a win-win situation for both us and his company. Ali's strong technical background and passion for technology are a major asset and adds more versatility to how any organization could use him.”


Hassan Obaidan11-07-2019

General Manager – KSA at Modern Electronics (Sony)

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Ali for the past. He was well respected, and everyone appreciated working with him. Ali is an organized and customer-service oriented perfectionist, has no problem to work hard when necessary. Give him the really challenging tasks, the ones that everyone else is struggling with, and he will get them done. Dedicated and goal-oriented strategist that cannot be overestimated. Ali makes the impossible possible. Certainly worth recommending.”


Tarek Hamed30-06-2020

Retail Director – KSA at Al-Haddad Telecom


Vinod Rao24-03-2019

Vice President – Automotive Division (Dunlop) at Binzagr Company

“Ali Bakhareba and I worked together on the Saudi Tyre market statistical data for over 2 years. Ali’s work ethics and dedication to the project was excellent and his number skill and analysis was appreciated by all in my group. I wish Ali the very best in whatever Ali wishes to pursue. Statistics and Ali go together.”


Usama M A Bukhari11-11-2018

Marketing Director at Extra (United Electronics Co.)

“Ali is a well-groomed professional. Calm and excellent listener. Knows how to hand his audience very well. Only those who knows their business well are the ones who can be calm and confident.”


Faisal Kheshaifaty 21-08-2019

Head of Home & Living Business Living Business Unit at Panda Retail Co.

“Ali has powerful analytical and presentation skills that illustrates insightful information from business and consumers point of view.”


Adam Mostafa11-11-2018

Chief Commercial Officer at

“As a satisfied GfK client, I could write a thousand words on what their company provides to me on monthly basis that allows me to be a more effective and knowledgeable in my field. But as the CCO, just providing the data, charts, and graphs are only the first step for Ali. Ali took the time to sit down with me to brainstorm how I could integrate them more successfully in my business. The ideas that came out of that conversation helped me craft a marketing and business generation plan that has grown my business to higher levels. Ali is a creative mastermind and a generous supporter of his clients as well.”


Raji Sarakbi 06-11-2018

General Manager – Purchase at Eddy Home & Electronics

“Ali is one of the respected people I have been privileged to work with. He has a great ability to convince his customers through a distinctive and practical style, ready at any time to provide assistance and support, you always see him on field which gives the good results for his business and his customers, he is excellent in sales and customers service management. Wish him all the best in his future in personal and professional side”


Mohammed Asad Ali05-11-2018

Business Unit Manager – Consumer Electronics at United Matbouli Group (Samsung)

“I have known Ali since he joined GfK Jeddah office. Writing a few lines about him will not do justice to immense capabilities and varied skill set that he possesses, ranging from his amazing understanding of KSA Retail environment to his impeccable sense of analytics coupled with very good interpersonal abilities and relationships he has forged in a short time. Ali will be an integral asset to any professional organization that he will be a part of. Someone on whom you can blindly rely to deliver. I wish him great success on his professional front. With the resilience and grit that he demonstrates, he should be reaching new heights and surpassing the goals that he has set for himself.”